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Dolfin for celiacs: HI-TECH information with the Glutendetector app

Dolfin is particularly sensitive to the problems of people with celiac disease. In fact, all of its products can be happily consumed by children and adults with gluten intolerance. To certify this suitability, Dolfin has for some time been registered with AIC, the Italian Celiac Association, and its products are included in the handbook distributed to members. Since the summer of 2013, this information also travels on a dedicated app for smartphones, called Glutendetector, which has also entered Dolfin summer products in its database, along with other prestigious brands of well-known high quality products. Usable with Apple and Android systems, Glutendetector works through camera display of the EAN code which lets you know whether or not the product is suitable for celiacs. It can be downloaded from and costs 0.90 cents.