Polaretti Choco

Polaretti Choco

The fresh and fun snack.

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  • Description:
    Ready to freeze dessert. Taste: chocolate.
  • Ingredients:
    water, dry fructose syrup, dextrose, sugar, cocoa powder (1%), vegetable fibre, cocoa extract (0,5%), stabilizer: xanthan gum, acidity regulator: E514ii, flavour, salt
  • Allergens:
    Presence of milk. This product is gluten-free (< 20 ppm gluten) according to Regulation (EC) No 41/2009.
nutritional values
100 ml
energy value
507 kJ/120 kcal
0,3 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0,2 g
28,0 g
of which sugars
26,2 g
1,2 g
0,50 g

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Polaretti Choco

Blister of 5 freezer pops of 40 ml. each, pastaurized and without preservatives, with 2 Polar Tattoo Collection.Flavours: Chocolate 

COD. E2572 plateau of 25 pcs.
COD. E2573 floor display of 50 pcs.

Polaretti Choco