Responsible quality

Responsible quality

Dolfin S.p.A. is a confectionery company linked to traditions but, at the same time, attentive to change, to the extent of making innovation its strong point, globally and actively engaging in a continuous process to achieve higher objectives of quality, safety and legality.

Standards must be high at all levels:

  • high
    technological level
    of installations

  • high
    professional level
    of human resources

  • high
    capacity for understandinge
    customer needs

Dolfin S.p.A. believes that the value of an organisation lies not only in economic performance, but also in the ensemble of social and environmental services that make the organisation "sustainable" over time; it therefore, aims at the development and dissemination of a corporate culture based on both the principles of quality and on standards of ethics and environmental protection that permeates the entire organisation, because it is aware of the fact that the excellence of the company can be reached thanks to the contribution of all those who work within it.

The products, services and activities carried out by the staff of Dolfin S.p.A. must always comply fully with the hygiene, safety and legality requirements established by the company in compliance with mandatory and voluntary reference regulations, and be oriented towards the satisfaction of internal and external  customers, as well as of their suppliers and competitors.

Dolfin S.p.A. defines the specifications of its products and processes in such a way as to minimise the risk of contamination and those for the safety of people and the environment, continually improving them in order to follow the evolution of requirements and needs expressed by customers.

Each business management for the area under its jurisdiction is responsible for:

  • establishing appropriate operating procedures and controls necessary to achieve the production of foods that meet legal, health, safety and cleanliness requirements;

  • adopting all technical and technological expedients available and affordable to protect the environment;

  • making every effort to act to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, production of waste and consumption of energy resources;

  • helping define appropriate training programmes so that each person has the necessary knowledge to carry out his/her assigned duties;

  • ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations;

In addition, for the achievement of its commitments, Dolfin S.p.A. shall:

  • ensure continuous updating on laws that affect food safety, regulatory, scientific and technical developments as well as codes of good industry practice;

  • supply itself with ingredients, materials and products in compliance with the requirements of legality, safety and quality necessary to meet customer expectations;

  • segregate raw materials or products that do not comply, excluding them from use in the production process or being sold;

  • make efforts to prevent the recurrence of cases of non-compliance and ensure prompt and timely resolution;

  • activate mechanisms for continuous improvement of processes and of the quality, safety and legality of products.

  • monitor corporate performance and the satisfaction of its customers, to guide the search for continuous improvement.


The quality management system must become our calling card for attracting new market shares and promoting growth of the company.

The General Directorate has chosen to maintain certification of its quality management system and to adjust the standard of quality, safety and legality of its chocolate products according to the International Food Standard model; therefore, the effective conduct of the Dolfin S.p.A. organisation corresponds to policy statements on quality and is guaranteed by a duly credited independent third party. This permits optimisation of both the parameters that govern internal efficiency as well as those that achieve customer satisfaction.


Dolfin S.p.A. offers a diversified range of high quality confectionery products on the domestic and foreign market. Its establishment in 1997 as a joint-stock company was motivated by the need to implement a programme aimed at the creation of a new production initiative with an appropriate organisational structure to meet the needs of the target market.

The organisation's efforts go in the direction of an increase in turnover that must be achieved by gaining new orders through both technological innovation and increasing its presence in the target market, with particular reference to markets with overseas outlets.

In addition, the improvement of internal efficiency must permit an increase in profits.


Dolfin S.p.A. intends to achieve these objectives by forcefully asserting the image of a confectionery company that manufactures legal, safe, healthy and clean products that satisfy as completely as possible all the needs of the consumers for whom they are intended, in full compliance with laws and regulations. To do this, it behaves in the following ways:

it avoids the use of additives, excluding the use of ingredients suspected of being at risk for the safety of consumers;

it uses mainly raw materials from reliable sources, produced with approved technologies and processing, respecting as far as possible their naturalness;;

it preferably adopts "delicate" technologies, excluding those technologies suspected of being able to cause harm to the consumer, and endeavours to reduce to a minimum contamination from environmental degradation.


In relevant registration documents, the Director General has defined the expected values for each of the business objectives, including those for quality, safety and legality of the products, the Organization intends to achieve through the processes of the quality management system put in act, consistent with this "Quality Policy".

For each of these objectives, the relevant registration documents analyse existing relationships with business processes under way and define both the criteria for monitoring and the business function responsible for monitoring, and that responsible for the Objective.

Dolfin S.p.A. intends to achieve its objectives by recognising the indispensability of motivating and involving its staff, aware that this constitutes an "asset value" for the company.

For this reason, labour relations are based on absolute legality, equity and fairness, and on an incentive system that stimulates and adequately enhances the contribution of each to the improvement of business processes.