From 1914 to today

In the beginning there were sweets;
Rounded and imperfect, witnesses of a passionate craftsmanship and, above all, the dream of a young Sicilian emigrant who returned from South America.
A young Santo Finocchiaro who, despite the rumblings of World War II on the way, returned to his native land, at the foot of Mount Etna, and bet on himself and on what he could do best of all in the world: to create delicious desserts irresistible fragrance and bring a smile of joy the children.

  • This is how, a century ago, Dolfin was born; the confectionery factory run by the Finocchiaro family from Giarre. A company history of success, handed down with knowledge and passion from father to son, and now in its third generation.
    After the sweets, Dolfin took up the challenge of confetti with a crunchy Sicilian almond heart; and then cannellinas, the spicy sweet with a vague hint of the Orient, loved by children and adults alike.

  • In 1948, the small handicraft factory of Dolfin is transformed into industrial factory: here are the machines for the automation of production processes that increase and speed up production.
    In 1964 comes the first chocolate factory, where the first Easter eggs "made in Sicily" take shape and scent.

  • In the nineties, through the intuition and success of Polaretti, come the popsicles with fruit juice ready to freeze in the freezer at home and now exported all over the world.

  • The rest is recent history: ice slushes and sorbets with Sicilian citrus, frozen snacks, fruit snacks for delicious refreshing breaks throughout the summer and, for the rest of the year, there is chocolate in a thousand irresistible forms: pennies for Christmas, sweets in Epiphany stockings, Easter eggs, chocolates and playful pralines. Confectionery prepared by Dolfin with the same passion as a hundred years ago are coloured with the cartoon characters most loved by children, a successful brand for which Dolfin has been licensee for years.

Anniversary 1914-2014